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My Life is my Message." Mahatma Gandhi

Joy Smith










December 2020

Dear Parishioners

“What do you want for Christmas”.  Do you get asked that as well?

Well as I sit down to write this letter we are in another lockdown and I’m not sure if we will all be able to celebrate Christmas, so the best present for me would be to be able to celebrate Christmas with my family, and friends but we will have to wait and see.  What about presents?  The presents I love and have the most meaning for me are the homemade ones, it reminds me of when I was a child my dad made me a dolls bed an mum made sheets and blankets to go with it, another year he made a dolls house from a kit for my sisters and me, we spent many happy hours playing with them but more importantly they were gifts of love, a gift we can all give to each other.

 “Love came down at Christmas”.

This year we have had to radically change the way we live our lives and for many that has meant not been able to go to work, see friends or just go out.  For us as a church as well we have had to cope with doing things differently.  This Christmas we will not be able to have our usual Carol Services as we are not allowed to sing in church, but hopefully we are still able to share the true message of Christmas in different services.

At the moment our world feels like a fragile and anxious place, and with all that going on around us, it is easy to lose a sense of orientation and purpose. This year is perhaps a time for us to strip the tinsel away, and find the true meaning of Christmas. The birthday of Jesus is the start of a journey of the one who offers all people the radical call to New Life; a new way of looking at the world.  If Christmas tells us anything, it’s that God shuns the corridors of power and is rather to be found right in the middle of the messy wonder of ordinary everyday life.

The Christmas story is so familiar to many of us. In the gospel narratives, the story-tellers start with the emperors and governors, the princes and the rulers, the powerful and the privileged, but then they swiftly turn away, instead giving attention to an elderly and seemingly barren couple, a bunch of wandering shepherds in the rough Judean hills, a young unmarried mother, a baby born in the poverty of a manger. In this way they are telling us that God meets us right in the middle of our lives, born right into the chaos and beauty of it all, and this means that he loves us from the inside out.  It’s in ordinary lives like yours and mine that God is finally to be seen, so this Christmas let us turn our eyes on him and fully celebrate this gift of love born into this world for all of us.

With every blessing from all of the Ministry Team

Joy Smith

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