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My Life is my Message." Mahatma Gandhi

Reverend Judith Pollard
Team Vicar





JUNE 2017.

The sound of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March will soon be echoing around our villages – it’s June, although perhaps not flamin’ June as I write, but certainly the start of the main wedding season. “They say if you marry in June you’re a bride all your life, and the bridegroom who marries in June gets a sweetheart for a wife.” Well, there may not be seven brides for seven brothers this year - but it’s just as exciting for all those involved in planning a wedding.

People are still choosing to tie the knot in church, making solemn promises in the eyes of God and in front of the gathered congregation, despite competition from alternatives like all-in-one wedding and reception venues. Vows of love made in public are always extremely moving and it’s a joy and privilege to be alongside couples at this important time in their lives. We consider the different qualities of love:  such as patience, kindness, trust and forbearance, truthfulness; and the cost of loving someone -because love always comes at a cost.

So in June love is in the air and it would be good to keep this uppermost in our minds as we are all drawn to other more turbulent events, less joyful perhaps but certainly emotionally charged.  I’m thinking of the General Election.

Many people are anxious and disturbed by the challenging, uncharted political territory in which we find ourselves however we voted in the referendum or plan to vote on Thursday June 8th.                                 
Love in all its complexity is conspicuously absent from the political arena, especially during election campaigns - and yet we need it so much.

Our Archbishops Justin and John have written an open pastoral letter to the whole country, available to read in its entirety on the Church of England website. In it they urge us to take inspiration from the ancient Christian values of love, trust and hope, while playing our part in these troubled times with generosity and kindness: “the season of Easter invites us to celebrate and renew our love of God and our love of our neighbour, our trust and hope in God and in each other.”

Some people think that the Church should never speak out nor involve itself in politics; but being the established Church, church and state are inextricably entwined in our Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, Defender of the Faith and Head of State.  She offers us a perfect example of loving, prayerful service to all her people without exception, however they choose to vote on June 8th.  My love and prayers to you all – and for our country.  

Yours in Christ, Judith

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