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My Life is my Message." Mahatma Gandhi

Reverend Jane Holmes
Team Rector





May 2017.

Who does the Church belong to?

We have recently been successful in our bid for Heritage Lottery Grant Funding for urgent repair works to one of our church buildings (congratulations East Walton!) 

One of the questions on the HLF application form is: ‘Who owns the building?’  We didn’t actually have to answer this as for churches it’s ‘N/A - not applicable!

So who does the Church belong to? Well, that is an interesting question.  

The Church (meaning a body of people who meet together regularly) belongs to those who are part of it.  The Church is a family or a fellowship.  However it’s not true to say the Church belongs only to those who use it because the Church belongs to the communities in which they are set.

In essence, your parish church belongs to you, in a very special way.

The Church of England offers services – not only regular services (of all styles) every week throughout the year but also for special occasions and those most important moments in our lives.  The Church has being here for everyone for generations and has baptised, married and buried parishioners, being available not just to those who regularly worship at church on a Sunday, but all parishioners.  There are also important celebrations at special times of the year that many people from our parishes enjoy – Easter, Christmas and Remembrance Sunday to name just a few.

And it’s not just about church services, the Church can and does offer much more.  The Church is there for its community to offer support to everyone within the geographical parish and the Rector or Vicar is available to everyone.  The Church is also a very special place where anyone can come to find a few moments of peace, solitude and solace.

It’s also good to remember just how much churches have contact in their communities.

Our work in schools is just one of the ways that church meets community and shows our face to the world.  We live in a time when, sadly, many people are turning away from the church.  I think it is so important that our younger generation grow up with the knowledge that the Church is here for them and always will be at any time in their lives should they wish to turn to it for friendship or support.

The Church has, and will continue, to provide a place for everyone - young, old and in between and we look forward to serving you for a long time to come.  After all what is the Church here for?

Only a couple of weeks ago we celebrated Easter.  I have in my mind a picture of that man, Jesus, who hangs on a cross with arms outstretched, symbol of the love God has for all humankind, and a constant reminder to me that the Church, and particularly your Parish Church, is not just for ’the chosen few’ but for all of you out there!

Who does the church belong to?  It belongs to you – because you belong.

With love

Revd Jane


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