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My Life is my Message." Mahatma Gandhi

Revd. Judith Pollard

Team Vicar






February 2019

Home is where the heart is - that’s what they say. Recently our eldest son, Joseph, who is disabled, returned home to live with us full-time and it has made a huge difference to our lives! The washing machine is never off!

Sharing your private, personal space with others can be an interesting challenge. We like things to stay the same and may get into rut where what we are familiar with must be protected at all costs.

Home, sweet home! “...Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy or grey.”  Sadly, our skies have been pretty cloudy and grey for ages.  Do we live surrounded by our loved ones, our friends and families? Some people do not; my mother in Nottingham continues to live alone (and unaided) in the family home, which is now becoming rather burdensome to her – but she is deeply resistant, unsurprisingly, to trying a new way of being ‘at home’.

Our homes, however we define them, provide us with wide-ranging security which can only be sustained through stability: in our job, our income, our relationships. Without stability it is very difficult to maintain a home.  Years ago I worked for the Department of Employment, coming into contact with people in differing circumstances; and those who were most difficult to reach out to and help were people with no fixed address. Having very little stability in their lives, they tended to have complex problems and were deeply vulnerable to harm.

Our hearts go out to the homeless people throughout the world we hear about in the news; people who are dispossessed, forced to leave their homes (or what passes for a home) due to war and oppression - so much misery, grief, despair: migrants fleeing situations devoid of hope, asylum seekers, refugees, vulnerable unaccompanied children.  I read of a teenager who tied himself to the chassis of a lorry for hundreds of miles              in order to smuggle himself into the UK. Our hearts cannot fail to be moved in the face of such desperation. We see people crossing the Channel in tiny boats, yearning for a different reality, their frantic searching for home, their right place to be.

Many UK citizens now live in the European Union and vice versa; we have long been encouraged to develop closer ties with our European neighbours. After 40-odd years of lives being intertwined, our citizens are all mixed up - in work and family living and in retirement. What will happen now? There is such uncertainty around the future for us all. We must pray for stability - and for justice to prevail. 

Home: what does this simple little word really mean to us? In the prayer of thanksgiving after Holy Communion we say: “Father of all, We give you thanks and praise that when we were still far off you met us in your Son and brought us home.” 

When we share together in fellowship, in caring for one another, in worship, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, here and now. We are already at home in God’s love. Heaven can be a place on earth. God reminds us of this truth always: He sent his only Son to meet us and bring us home.  The first will be last and the last first.

Let this hopeful thought make its home in our open hearts. 

With my love to you all,





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