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My Life is my Message." Mahatma Gandhi

Revd. Jane Holmes
Team Rector





Love is in the Air

We are well into 2018 now; Christmas and New Year celebrations are long gone and there is a feeling of being back into the normal mundane daily routine of things. 

However, at this time of year in the churches we begin preparations with couples planning to marry in the months ahead, which is always a pleasure and a joy.

Furthermore the middle of the month gives us an opportunity to celebrate once again – to celebrate love.  Many of you, I’m sure will be looking forward to doing something special on Valentine’s Day.  Love is truly in the air this month.

So, for all you romantics out there, what is your best hope for the 14th February 2018? 

A card perhaps (at the very least!) Or a message via social media so that the world may know!  Or maybe it will be a dozen red roses, your favourite chocolates or even a meal out – or, better still, all of the above!

It’s a shame hardly any of us write love letters any more – texts, emails, social media – they just aren’t the same – or maybe I’m becoming ‘old fashioned’.

Thinking about love though, I was struck by the words of Rabbi Dr Naftali Brawer on BBCs Radio 4’s thought for the day recently – his subject ‘love’.

So, especially if you will be spending a quiet Valentine alone - remember this:

The bible is like a love letter from God to us. Inside its pages, we learn of God's great love for us and everything that he has done. From the Creation stories to the Nativity we learn who God is and, when we take the time to read those stories, we catch a glimpse of not only the past, but also the future.  For the truth is, even though we may change, God does not change.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and His love for us all is constant.

When God sent Jesus, over two thousand years ago, to be born in a manger, into a world of violence and suspicion, He did it with one purpose.  To redeem the world and offer us New Life in Him.  God does not promise us an easy ride - but he does promise to be with us always, in good times and in bad and His love for us is beyond measure – his death on a cross showed us that.  God was prepared to share in the world’s darkness and Christ gave his all for us.

This was and is and always will be the most absolute total act of self-giving love the world has ever, or will ever see.

Much Love

Revd Jane

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